Seko Dispenser Stand for 1000mL Dispenser Unit


This Seko adjustable stand is designed for dispenser units with 1000mL capacity.

Its high quality construction makes it suitable for most business sites and perfect for entry and hallway locations.

Note: 1000mL automatic dispenser shown for illustration only. Sold seperately.


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Effective sanitising and infection control begins with Seko!

A simple and flexible hygiene system starts with this high quality adjustable metal stand.

This premium quality unit is designed to fit touch-free refillable 1ooomL dispensers. Its telescopic construction means that the station height can be adjusted between 130 and 165cm.

This is a versatile and reliable way to provide accurate dosing for products such as soaps and sanitisers. When used together with the Seko automatic dispenser unit and quality Zexa products, touchpoint protection is complete.

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