Zexa K.N. Low Slip Floor Cleaner

K.N. Low Slip Floor Cleaner (LSFC) is a pH neutral, biodegradable, powdered detergent.

The highly concentrated formula delivers effective removal of soils from hard surfaces. Soils are lifted from surfaces, held in suspension and washed away.


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K.N (LSFC) is a pH neutral and biodegradable concentrated powdered detergent that can be used for thorough cleaning and sanitising of commercial hard surface areas.


  • Commercial kitchen floors 
  • Tiled areas (including bathrooms, toilets, corridors)
  • Concrete floors

Zexa K.N. Low Slip Floor Cleaner SDS

Available sizes:
750g (1-408-00750)
1.5kg (1-408-01500)
6kg (1-408-06000)