2-315-15000 Zexa Ultra Rinse Aid Fast Dry 15L

Zexa Ultra Rinse aid allows for faster drying of cups, plates and cutlery.

This means it reduces the need for manual drying.

Highly concentrated for low dosing into machines.

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Zexa Ultra Rinse Aid Fast Dry is the perfect partner to Ultra Machine Wash.

Both products have been designed for maximum performance. This is a must in today’s busy commercial kitchen!

Breaks the surface tension in the water. Sheets away excess water from glasses and flatware.

Together with the heat generated by the washing process, this product reduces drying time. Also reduces water marking on all wares. Can also be used with Ultra Glasswash Liquid.

This product will not build up like normal rinse aid.

• Automatic Washer Rinse Aid for all machine types

SDS Zexa Ultra Rinse Aid Fast Dry

Available sizes:
5L (2-315-05000)
15L (2-315-15000)