Heating elements are an essential part of your dishwashers washing cycle, ensuring the water in your dishwasher is heated and kept at a constant, compliant temperature. The heating element heats the water approximately 15 degrees hotter than water from your hot water system to kill bacteria and also enables faster drying of the contents after the cycle has completed. When your dishwasher is not reaching optimal heating temperature or failing to dry correctly, it is essential to identify the cause before heating elements malfunction or burnout with age.

There are other components in your dishwasher which may prevent the water from reaching the correct temperature, such as the thermostat, rinse aid dispenser or relay. For this reason, the team at Norris Spares recommends using the services of a qualified technician to isolate the cause of the problem. And if the diagnosis is that you need a new heating element – we’ve got you covered!