Pumps are typically the most expensive replacement component of a dishwasher. There are several reasons why a dishwasher pump might fail. General wear, blockages and dust build-up can cause overheating and result in the pump failing. Over time, bearings wear which can cause noise problems or even put pressure on other parts of the machine.

The common misconception is that a broken water pressure pump means that the life of your washer is coming to an end. Dishwasher pumps are readily available from Norris Spares and a simple replacement enables you to get your system back in action quickly and with relative ease. If it’s the only issue your dishwasher has, there’s no need for immediate replacement and thus your business benefits with significant cost savings.

Sometimes, however, the pump isn’t the cause of your dishwasher woes but rather your machine’s motor. In this case, replacement of the motor is the best solution – talking to our experienced team and finding the best solution for your dishwasher issues will help head off any disruption to your business.