2-321-05000 Zexa Platinum Machine Wash 5L Ctn 2

Zexa Platinum Machine Wash is specifically designed for automatic feed undercounter commercial dishwashers and crate washers. Performs as a sanitising and disinfecting detergent and is highly regarded in hard water areas.


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Platinum Machine Wash penetrates soils and breaks the bonds with the surface of the wares allowing the water volume to wash the soil away. This product is highly effective at removing protein based soils (milk, cream, egg, etc.).

This product has been specifically formulated to reduce the risk of scale build up in hard water areas and is dispensed at an approximate rate of 1.5ml per litre of water consumed in the rinse cycle.

• Automatic feed undercounter washers.
• Crate washers.
• Sanitiser detergent.
• Disinfectant detergent.

Zexa Platinum Machine Wash SDS

Available sizes:
5L (2-321-05000) Ctn 2
15L (2-321-15000)